Capital and largest city of the Ararat province is the town of Artashat. The province is named after the biblical Mount Ararat.

The Khor Virap monastery is among the regular tourist destinations in Ararat Province. The ancient settlements of Artaxata and Dvin are attractive sites for archaeologists. The province is home to many protected areas of nature including the Khosrov Forest State Reserve, the Goravan Sands Sanctuary and the Khor Virap Wildlife Sanctuary.

The mountains of Yerakh are located at the centre of the province. Approximately, 30% of the territory is plain, while the rest is dominated by mountains. The highest point of Ararat province is the Spitakasar peak of Gegham mountains with a height of 3560 meters. The lowest point is 801 meters at the Araks valley.

The climate is highly diversified in the province. It ranges between extremely arid climate at the lower plains and cold snowy climate at the heights.